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Processes of Household Maintenance and Merits

Home care is defined as a set of duties by which a household is kept clean and maintained. Maintaining the household can be taken care of by the house residents or have someone paid to do so. Those hired can either be an individual such as a house help or nanny or the job given to a cleaning company. The size of the house and the amount of work available determines the amount of work force required.

Given that some family members are usually busy with their professions, then they give the job of cleaning to hired persons. A housekeeper is the name given to the person who does household duties around a home for a pay. Companies which offer maintaining services to households are known as housekeeping companies. There are quite a number of duties that are associated with housekeeping.

Removal of dirt is one of the duties in house keeping. Using various methods to get rid of dirt such as dust, and rubbish from the house are ways of cleaning.!Cleaning involves many distinct tasks that all achieve a dirt free house. Outdoor tasks such as cleaning dirt deposits, washing and cutting of grass are also done when maintaining the household. Dirt is removed from houses so as to make them attractive, remove odor as well as make them hospitable and inhabitable. Failure to clean a house can result in accumulation of dust, presence of bacteria and foul smell which make the house uncomfortable and unhealthy to live in.

Keeping a house clean is done with the aid of special cleaning tools for efficiency. These tools may include tools such as brooms, mops and wiping sponges. There are also cleaning agents that are designed to aid in cleaning. These cleaning products are usually chemicals that have the ability to loosen dirt and remove bad odor.

Disposal of trash is a form of housekeeping. This is very important as it prevents the occurrence of bacteria and other harmful pests and insects from visiting the house. This activity also helps in maintaining a good and clean environment. There are bags made of plastic that are specifically made for the collection of garbage.

Dust removal gets rid of tiny dirt particles that usually settle on surfaces. Dust is hazardous in that it has the capability of being suspended in the air and thus causing sneezing and breathing issues. We also have various household cleaning chemicals that can be employed for effective cleaning. Disinfection of surfaces can be achieved by household cleaning substances that also cause a good aroma.

Residents in a house will always perform the duties involved in keeping the house clean. It is important to keep the house clean and safe so that it is comfortable to live in and also healthy. Most tools and cleaning products are usually easily available. If you are very busy, it is essential that you get someone else to clean the house.

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